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The Center for Urban Health Equity is currently hosting community engagement conversations across Baltimore Area Neighborhoods. To learn more about the Center or join us for a conversation please contact our Community Coordinator, Dr. Marvin Perry at for more information.


Pair HOLC Maps With FHA Maps To Tell A More Complete Story

In his critical essay “The Tyranny of the Map: Rethinking Redlining,” historian Robert Gioielli asserted that many people have developed a distorted view of the Residential Security Maps drafted by the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC). Gioielli warned that HOLC maps often obscure the role of local [...]

The two Baltimores: A year of data reporting shows segregation still defines the city

We found it in Baltimore’s banking system. It’s in our houses and even in our children’s blood. Racial segregation in Baltimore continues to define the city, an analysis of nearly every data set The Baltimore Banner data team analyzed in our first [...]

Black people live longest in places where they can prosper

As a scholar focused on improving the economic well-being of African Americans, Andre Perry often wearied of reports about racial disparities that offered no solutions. Simply comparing the deficits of people who had been discriminated against with the assets of people who [...]

Revisiting the ‘Unequal Treatment’ report, 20 years later

It was a never a secret. For decades, doctors and public health officials knew that racial and ethnic minorities experienced worse health outcomes than white Americans in nearly every category of disease and ailment—including heart disease, diabetes, HIV, and infant mortality. Until [...]

Dr. Kim Sydnor: Building on a Legacy of Service, Making Healthcare A Part of the Civil Rights Agenda

Meetings. Emails. Problem-solving. The majority of Dr. Kim Sydnor's workday consists of working closely with those interacting with her as the Dean of the School of Community Health and Policy. There are four programs in the school -  Nursing, Nutritional Science, Public [...]

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