Our Structure

Center Structure

Applied Community Research Core

Purpose of the Core is to undertake applied research using transdisciplinary approaches and in collaboration with community partners. Participants in the Core will be able access funds from the Center operating budget but also will be expected to seek grants from multiple funding sources to undergird and sustain the applied research. Each funded opportunity will need to demonstrate community relevance and impact and be approved by the Community Leader group.

Health Equity Training Core

Purpose is to assure knowledge and skills in health equity and support training at all levels of higher education – undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral, and for the at-large practice community. Training will include courses, workshops, seminars, symposia and other mechanisms for gaining health equity competency. For students, training will also provide leadership, management, and career development in a mentored environment.

Equity Data Analytics Core

Purpose is to produce equity data analyses from existing data to support CUHE briefs, provide analytic support for the Applied Research Core as needed, as well as to innovate complexity in data analytics. This complexity will allow an opportunity to substantively capture and provide an evidence base for the SDoH that can be used to the benefit of community, urban planners, and policy makers. The core will engage both internal and external expertise to assure continuous innovation.