Marvin J. Perry, Ed.D, MC&RP

Position: Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Marvin J. Perry is the Director of Morgan Community Mile and Community Coordinator for the Center For Urban Health Equity, he is an entrepreneur, business coach and wealth builder for urban communities with over 20 years of Higher Education experience. He is a director, community engagement coordinator, VP of Economic Development for STAR Scholars Network, grant writer, and manages number of small business ventures. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Master’s in City & Regional Planning and Doctor of Education in Community College & Leadership Development Program at Morgan State University.

Dr. Perry has assisted faculty and staff members in interdisciplinary research, participated in town hall meetings and community charrettes and workshops. He has testified in local municipalities’ hearings and worked with city officials in city planning strategies. Dr. Perry has participated in the reconstructing and redeveloping of tourism and economic development plans for local Maryland areas, such as Preston, Maryland in Caroline County, for Cambridge and Easton Maryland. Dr. Perry has also served on many research study committees, such as the mitigation committee for the Chesapeake Maryland water waves and the Baltimore City homeless study. He authored bi-annual homelessness reports for the Baltimore City Homeless Services. He also conducted a research study on “The Redevelopment of Northwood Shopping Center” in Northeast Baltimore City for a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. Dr. Perry’s research efforts has been on the impact of “BLUE COLLAR STEM- ASSOCIATES’ DEGREE and/or CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS AT COMMUNITY COLLEGES on AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS”.

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