Anita Smith Hawkins, Ph.D.

Position: Co-Director

Dr. Hawkins has over thirty years of experience with public agencies, health care organizations, institutes of higher education and community-based organizations. Currently she serves as the Associate Dean for the School of Community Health and Policy, Director of the Graduate Public Health Program and Co-Director of the Center for Urban Health Equity at Morgan State University. She also established the “Equity in Health Professions Education (EHPE)” initiative to organize multiple efforts aimed at diminishing barriers and facilitating success in pursuing health  careers for underrepresented minorities. With the emergence of the current pandemic, Dr. Hawkins additionally assumed responsibility for monitoring the campus COVID19 response plan, advising university leadership, and coordinating with local and state public health agencies.

Prior to her academic appointments, Dr. Hawkins held positions as a health policy analyst, deputy director of a non-profit organization, and as the principal in a consulting firm providing evaluation services to organizations implementing health related services.  Her early field work and  research explored the manner in which  intersectionality impacts the health and well-being of the African American community.  Returning to her foundation in health policy, Dr. Hawkins more recent work has focused on systemic issues impacting health with an emphasis on health equity.


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